The Real Secret Behind Pit Crews


In high-speed racing events like NASCAR or the Indy 500, a pit crew or "master team" are an integral part to superior drive performance with their precision timing and absolute efficiency. But while timing and coordination of immediate repairs and adjustments may seem to be the signature quality of a pit crew, the real secret of effective results lies in their capability to pinpoint poor performance, structural instability, and collective factors that impair optimum operations.

So what does a pit crew have to do with an auto body repair? While you might not need high-speed drive performance, you do want superior drive performance after a collision or auto body damage, and having a responsive repair team that is very adept at trouble-shooting and identifying problems, structurally and operationally, is critical to good results.

In specialized auto body repair, such as collision work, our master team approaches a repair in much the same way as a pit crew. We prioritize and classify collision repair by the level and specificity of damage to streamline repair time and align specific expertise and technical proficiencies on target with different damage repair processes. With this approach, EURO Collision's master team has the most qualified skills focusing on fabricating, finishing and mastering the operational effectiveness of your car or truck, in coordination and with rapid response.